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April 5 2011 § 3 Comments





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    I just love you two! You MUST open a cute little bake shop! I feel it is destiny…

    People will call out a happy “Hello!” as they walk in. Couples will canoodle in quiet corners, with crumbs- evidence of their love-sprinkled about the table unnoticed. Friendly smiles will push through the door all day long, each more familiar than the last. Pretty little boxes of baked love will be sent on their way, excited arms will carry the precious gifts home. – Happiness tied up with a bow..

    This shop will know love. This shop will know care. This shop will be a small bright miracle of pleasure and love. This shop will be made welcoming in the light of your love.

    I can see it even now…. ❤

    Letitia Snyderman

  • B & L says:

    Best. Comment. Ever.

    We love you, and we hope everything you just wrote about comes true.

    Brian & I

  • Jessica Wu says:

    Open it in LA so I can go there every week! :]

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